Our Halls

Delta Hall
With its sitting capacity ranging between 200-700 sitters, our Delta hall is the best deal for big events such as weddings, conferences, seminars, and events of large audience. The hall is fully equipped with 14 units of 3 horse power split unit air-conditioner, HSE certified tiling and above all it is easily accessible.

Anambra Hall
Named after an industrious State in South East of Nigeria, Anambra hall has a sitting capacity ranging between 30-120 sitters. Its corporate feel, superb lightning, with a touch of luxury gives one a cozy feel of comfort. With Projector, Public Address System, Flit chart and seminar items, no hall within its capacity would give better comfort.

Enugu Hall
Named after the host state, Enugu hall is a prototype of Anambra hall. 30-120 sitters, superb lightening, same corporate feel and coziness. Ideal for seminars, workshops, meetings and gatherings of sizeable audience. No hall within this capacity promises better feel, comfort and ease.

Board Room
With a capacity of 15-70 sitters depending on the setting. The Board room is delightfully built for board meetings, seminars, inaugurations, and programs of few participants. Boxed with multimedia and a chilling atmosphere that offers you maximum comfort throughout your program.

Park Arena
With accommodation between 100 – 700 persons, Oaklands’ Arena stands out amongst other open space event centers in the State. Its garden like feel and atmosphere is certainly a hosts’ delight, and the best deal for weddings, parties, concerts and events of class.

Pool Side
Our well treated and maintained swimming pool is certainly a place to cool off and make memories with family and friends. Our pool leaves you with pleasant pampering that arouses memories of your best ever moments.